Our Strategy


Our strategic plan has been developed to bring renewed clarity to the work WCH does and to highlight why this work is so vital. This plan is guided by our vision, mission and values and the fact that the highest quality patient care is central to all that we do.

The strategy revolves around our three main areas of focus and the innovation streams that enable us to develop, evaluate and deliver new models of care that help keep people out of hospital. This report highlights the directives and initiatives we have all been working on for the last 18 months and reinforces the primary directions of our strategic plan.

Who we are
Our vision & mission

  • Canada’s leading academic, ambulatory hospital and a world leader in women’s health.
  • We advance and advocate for the health of women and improve healthcare options for all by developing, researching, teaching and delivering new treatments and models of integrated care.

What we do
Our 3 areas of focus

  • Health system solutions | Complex chronic conditions | Health for women.

How we do it
Our 6 Innovation Streams that guide us in delivering much needed health system solutions

  • By driving systemic solutions in healthcare for women
  • By preventing acute care admission and readmission
  • By enabling superior coordinated care
  • By transforming inpatient care models to outpatient care
  • By enabling system integration and care transitions
  • By building the virtual hospital

Why we do it
Our impact on the health system

  • To deliver superior, cost-effective healthcare solutions that are adopted by other organizations.
  • To improve care transitions so we can reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency room visits.
  • To offer equitable, personalized and accessible care for patients from all backgrounds and cultures.
  • To prepare healthcare professionals to work in integrated, ambulatory settings that reflect the future of the health system.