Our Corporate Directives


There are three corporate directives in our Strategic Plan and these guide our decision-making and action planning. These directives also form the foundation of our various program and departmental objectives.

The detailed goals under each of these directives are:

Drive the Innovation Agenda

  • Lead innovative, transferable health system solutions and new models of care that improve patient experience and outcomes by integrating clinical practice, education and research.
  • Build on quality and safety best practice systems that strengthen our innovations and improve patient experience and outcomes.
  • Leverage partnerships to generate tangible and sustainable health system solutions.

Strengthen our Capacity to Lead from our Mandate

  • Attract and develop engaged, innovative leaders who will advance our mandate.
  • Continue to strengthen our position as a critical system partner in integrated ambulatory care and health for women in Ontario.
  • Advance application of leading healthcare governance practices.

Grow our Academic Impact

  • Conduct and disseminate high-impact research in our focus areas that advances practice, policy, and health outcomes in local, national and international contexts.
  • Lead sustainable capacity for knowledge creation and the translation and application of research in clinical practice.
  • Optimize the academic experience to attract and educate high-calibre health professionals and scientists